We're so excited to be partnering with FlatLaws to help you reach more clients, faster than ever before. Welcome!

There are a few steps you need to take to get your Legaler account ready. As a lawyer you will require a Legaler account. No account, or setup is required for your clients!

Getting started :

After taking these steps your clients can request a realtime meeting with you by visiting the URL app.legaler.com/YOURFIRM/meet. This URL will be added to your FlatLaws listing

Suggested steps :

These steps are optional, but recommended

  • Review your profile URL and change it to your preferred address more info
  • To enable bookings you must add at least one event type more info
  • Upload a profile avatar at https://app.legaler.com/edit more info
  • Setting up office hours will prevent clients from booking calls outside of your regular hours - more info
  • You may connect your Google or Microsoft calendar to allow Legaler to automatically block busy times, preventing you from from double booking. Additionally it allows Legaler to record meeting information in Google or Microsoft Calendar - Google setup | Microsoft setup

Again! We're excited to be working with you to bring video client meetings into your firm! If the above looks daunting and you'd like a guided setup or you'd just like a demo please book a time with me by visiting -
Want a demo / guided setup / see the page in action - book with me at https://app.legaler.com/aaron

Any other questions - reach out via the support bubble on the right, or check out our entire support database

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