We're so excited to be partnering with FlatLaws to help you reach more clients, faster than ever before. Welcome!

There are a few steps you need to take to get your Legaler account ready. As a lawyer you will require a Legaler account. No account, or setup is required for your clients!

Getting started :

After taking these steps your clients can request a realtime meeting with you by visiting the URL app.legaler.com/YOURFIRM/meet. This URL will be added to your FlatLaws listing

Suggested steps :

These steps are optional, but recommended

Again! We're excited to be working with you to bring video client meetings into your firm! If the above looks daunting and you'd like a guided setup or you'd just like a demo please book a time with me by visiting -
Want a demo / guided setup / see the page in action - book with me at https://app.legaler.com/aaron

Any other questions - reach out via the support bubble on the right, or check out our entire support database

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