As you already know Legaler encrypts all data moving to and from our servers with SSL encryption. You should recognize the familiar green lock, shown below.

All data is also encrypted at rest and stored on AWS military-grade servers using AES-256 standard encryption.

Legaler also utilizes a technology called WebRTC to power our secure meeting technology. WebRTC is a strong, secure and reliable infrastructure that enables your computer to speak to other call participants.

Encryption is a mandatory feature of WebRTC, and is enforced on all components, including signaling mechanisms. Resultantly, all media streams sent over WebRTC are securely encrypted, enacted through standardised and well-known encryption protocols. The encryption protocol used depends on the channel type; data streams are encrypted using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and media streams are encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).


This encryption, renders it effectively impossible for an eavesdropper to determine the contents of a Legaler online meeting. Only parties that have been invited to the meeting, and thus have the secret encryption key can decode the communication streams. These keys are created dynamically before each meeting and even change during the call to ensure the security of your meeting.

Further information about WebRTC security can be found at :

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