We've all been there, we've got a meeting later in the week and there is an item missing from the agenda. With collaborative agendas your clients and colleagues can raise new agenda items and add to existing ones before the meeting starts - allowing you to hit the ground running and make the most of your scheduled meeting time

No action is required on your part to get started, simply setup a meeting as usual, start the agenda and send out the invites. Your attendees will have the option to add to the agenda when they login to vote for their prefered meeting time.

Get the agenda started when organizing the meeting

Please be remember that your meeting agenda is not private, and should not contain private details. The agenda can be seen by all meeting participants and is included in an unencrypted format with the meeting invite; sent via email to meeting participants. We strongly recommend you utilize secure notes for matters that need to remain private and secure. By default secure notes are visible only to you. To enable collaboration with others notes simply login and add the users you wish to share with.

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