We've all been there, you finish your meeting a little overtime and there's no time to log your billable time time. Legaler can help by sending your time to Clio in a single click

After you finish a meeting you will be presented with the meeting summary page (below). Simply select add to Clio from the top right menu and we'll automatically create a time entry in Clio, ready for billing.

You can also add time from a previous meeting by accessing it from past meetings

We strongly recommend you select a matter before posting time to Clio, if you cannot find you Clio matter from the drop down please see how to import your Clio matters to Legaler

Sample of Legaler created time entry in Clio

A few things to know:

  • The time entry date is date of meeting, regardless of when the entry is created

  • The rate is default hourly rate setup in Clio

  • Duration is set as the total duration of meeting; this can be changed in Clio

  • Legaler creates a time entry in Clio, this means that the meeting is not billed until you complete your billing cycle in Clio

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