Proxy requirements

Proxies are supported in most browsers today. If the only way to access the Internet from your network is through a proxy then it must be a transparent proxy or it must be configured in the browser for HTTPS connections. WebRTC does not work with proxies requiring authentication. Along with these requirements, clients may have the following rules:

  • Chrome although not every option has been tested, recent versions have full support for authentication pre-58 version support NTLM authentication we've found a forwarding proxy setup with Kerberos does not work

  • Firefox does not support proxies that inspect packets to validate that connections are real TLS connections, because Firefox does not support TURN over TLS

  • Internet Explorer requires the installation of a plugin. Use the latest version of the IE browser when possible.supports basic authentication, and NTLMother authentication algorithms like Kerberos have not been fully tested

  • iOS does not support proxy configurations that use .pac files

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