At Legaler, we are driven by the mission to enable everybody to seek legal advice and justice. To us, the meaning of ‘everybody’ is simple. It means every single one of us, regardless of our economic background, race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. That means we are committed to constantly making our online meeting tool as accessible as possible. In this article, we will discuss specific features of Legaler and additional tools on both Windows and Mac computers that allow disabled people to use Legaler to its fullest potential.

Pin to view sign language translator

If you or your client are deaf or hard of hearing and are attending a meeting that uses a sign language translator, click the yellow ‘pin’ button on the translator’s video feed. This will keep the translator’s feed in view, rather than swapping between those attendees who are speaking. You will still be able to view the other attendee’s feeds in the gallery at the top of the screen.

Magnify view for ease of reading

If you or your client are vision impaired, you can simply zoom in on your browser. Legaler is built so that all elements on the page (video feeds, chat pane, buttons, etc.) are zoomed in individually, so nothing is pushed out of view. To zoom in on Windows, hold ‘Ctrl’ and click ‘+’. To zoom in on Mac, hold ‘Cmd’ and click ‘+’.

Invert colors for ease of reading

If you or your client are vision impaired, you can invert the colors in order to increase contrast. To invert colors on Windows, go into ‘Settings’, select ‘Ease of Access’, then select ‘Color Filters’. Turn the color filters switch ‘on’, then select ‘Inverted’. To invert colors on Mac, go into ‘System Preferences’, select ‘Keyboard’, select ‘Shortcuts’, select ‘Accessibility’, then select ‘Invert Colors’. Legaler is not currently compatible with High Contrast mode, although we’re working on it!


If you or your client are vision impaired, you can use text-to-speech tools to narrate the written content on your Legaler meeting, including buttons, chat, agenda (which is shared with all meeting attendees) and notes (which are private to you). On Windows, you can use Narrator. To activate Narrator, hold ‘Windows’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Enter’. On Mac, you can use VoiceOver. To activate VoiceOver, hold ‘Cmd’ and ‘F5’. Both tools work by reading the content on your screen.

We recognize the need to constantly improve so that everybody can use Legaler with ease. We are always looking for ways to do this and welcome all feedback. Please reach out to us by clicking the chat button in the bottom-right of any Legaler page and let us know how we can make Legaler work better for you and your clients.

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