Your link

Your client will first receive your Personal Meeting Room link and enter it into their address bar.

Call as Guest

They will then see your page and the option to call you as a guest, or to create a Legaler account. For this demonstration, let us assume they are calling as a guest, meaning no sign up is required!

Input their name

They will type out their name so you can identify them, then click 'Call Now'.


Your Legaler account will then be called. You will see an 'Incoming Call' pane on the right hand side of your Legaler screen.

Allow Permissions

If you accept the call, your client will then enter the Meeting Room. If they have not used Legaler before, they will be prompted to allow access to their camera and microphone.

Check inputs

They may now choose the camera and microphone they want to use (in case they have a separate webcam) and click 'Join'.


Now you can begin your meeting, including chat with file sharing, a shared agenda that all participants can see (which also supports file sharing) and private notes, which are visible to you only.

Note: There are two of me in the screenshot because I was using an incognito tab of my browser as my 'guest account'. If you want to test out Legaler, you can do this too!

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